Kalyani Nagar serves as the meeting point of history with the stunning Aga Khan Palace and the future with the development of an upscale residential and corporate district. It is a true definition of Pune, a city with deep roots and culture that is now emerging as a technological hub with an increasing number of companies starting to set up shop here.

Bootstart Coworking in Kalyani Nagar provides easy access to the nearby areas such as Viman Nagar and celebrates Pune’s modern stride forward with carefully designed coworking spaces meant to inspire!


Survery 65, Hindustan Estates, 1st floor, Lane 13, Kalyani Nagar, Pune – 411001

BOOTSTART IN Kalyani Nagar

Shared Seats

₹ 7,999 / day / seat

Open coworking spaces that are shared by professionals of all kinds. You just have to show up with your laptop and pick your favourite spot!

Private Seats

₹ 11,999 / month / seat

Separate private cabins that are best suited to smaller teams looking for space in both senses of the word!

Conference Rooms

₹ 400 / hour

A seven-seater conference room with customizable features such as TV/whiteboard and air conditioning, available hourly or per-day as per your convenience.

Day Pass

₹ 400 / day

This subsidised day pass allows you access to our shared spaces and all our amenities. It is perfect for those in the city for a short time!


High speed internet

Great connectivity is maintained to ensure that you never miss a deadline!

24/7 access

We understand that some days the work never ends, so we’ve made our shared spaces accessible no matter the hour!

Printer/scanner access

There is no need to run down the street when you need important documents scanned or printed when there’s a state-of-the-art machine right here in this coworking space!

Air conditioning

In the often-times scorching Pune heat, we make sure you can work in comfort in our shared spaces without breaking into a sweat!


Our coworking spaces are maintained with the highest standards of professionalism and cleanliness.

Online Member Network

Easily connect with other members of the coworking community. Use the directories to find the right skills and promote your services.


Apoorva Vaidya, Bootstart Manager

Any queries or concerns, our team members are on site and happy to help!

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