Bootstart Entrepreneurship Club (Bootstart E-club)

We organize high quality events and interactions to help aspiring, starting-up, and founding entrepreneurs “find their people” and demystify what it takes to begin a successful business.

The Entrepreneurship Club enables those with budding interests or established businesses to engage meaningfully with a community within and outside Bootstart. We organize monthly events which feature a talk by a prominent entrepreneur, networking session which brings together Bootstart members and various entrepreneurs, investors, and potential advisors.

Through our mission to create an entrepreneurial community, we seek to facilitate connections at the right time, whether it’s for a little inspiration after a rough day, or to fill the knowledge gap for a critical part of the business.

Mailing list for community-wide Entrepreneurship Club events : Join the email list to be notified when open events are happening through the Bootstart Eclub.

Currently, the monthly events are conducted in Pune.